Monday, October 20, 2014

Race Report

These 2 were the stars of the day!  Ruling the kids run and loving the Olympic Stadium atmosphere!!!  This was P's first race, and she loved it.  
Note to Nike Running people...sometimes when I want to look girly but fast for race day I shop in the tennis section instead of the running section.  Loving this Sharipova tennis dress...I wish there were similar options for runners, with running details included (pockets, etc.).  

I was hoping (really hoping) for a PR in the half.  That didn't happen.  Not even close.  But the run was good and fun and parts of it were kinda fast.  
Finish line treats...
Who wants fruit when you can have poffertjes??
Outside the stadium.  Done!

P and I both wanted post race photos with our medals...she also has on wrist guards...from her skateboarding session.  Love that girl.  
If I wasn't going to PR, I said I'd at least like to be top 100 (women) so that my results would post on the first page of results.  I made that goal.  Barely.  I came in #100, phew.

I'm trying hard not to be mental about the fact (is it a fact??) that I may have peaked at this distance 2 years ago.  Tempted to blame yesterday's wind, because that is easier to accept than my mature age.  It was windy...but not sure wind can be blamed for a 5 minute time wasn't that windy.  OK, enough running obsessing.  For now.  Thanks for listening.

I am now going to look for a green shirt...surely there are still a few around town for the crazy people like me...the race organizers thought of everything!

PS - I just signed up for my next race.  A 10k.  Surely I haven't peaked at that distance...right?  We will see.  


Heather Bolen said...

Congrats on the race Sara! And Winter and Penelope! This race may have had you considering a lot of things, but I know for sure that you've haven't come close to peaking as an inspiration to your runner friends. You're awesome . . . thanks for inspiring me to do my best. xoxo

Mary said...

Hi! Congrats to you and your little guys too! Totally agree with Heather - you are an inspiration to your runner (and non-runner!) friends.

Kevin is planning on doing the "Boston Medley" next year - the 5K in April, 10K in June, and Half in October. Sounds like a plan!

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