Monday, October 13, 2014

6 Months

It is hard to believe that we lost KK six months ago.  I still pick up my phone to send her a text or  scroll through facebook hoping for one of her clever musings.  I see her in so many ways in this world, and I always will, for that I am grateful.  In the past week alone I have encountered the following things that I want to discuss with her:

UVM 15 year reunion.

Jay and Bey shut down the Louvre for a private viewing of Mona.  God we love them.

The Veep visits PDX and stops for ice cream.  She would be all over this story and this photo - the massive cone, the aviators inside...its too good.  

Kate Spade and Gap Kids -KK would have been first in line to gear up her beautiful new niece

I also finally started watching Gossip Girl - 7 years later - which she always told me I'd like.  She was so right.  

This coming weekend, I will really be thinking of her.  She was supposed to be the bride at a lovely wedding reception in Seattle.  Damn it KK, I miss you.

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