Friday, July 25, 2014

38 Special

My main squeeze turned 38 yesterday!  We normally spend his bday on vacation, this year it fell between vacations and it was fun to spend it at home for a change.

P worked hard to make him a special birthday crown

 Which turned out amazing

 He got some graham crackers...his favorite...

And new bike shoes

 And chocolate chip cookies

 At our house, a birthday is not a birthday unless we all play pin the tail on the donkey - I dread the day this tradition becomes "uncool", because currently we all LOVE to play (esp the little people...they get so fired up when we break out the box and get the game going).

 W makes sure nobody cheats and that he wins...every time...

 The fete ended with football in the street...with crown (O), tutu and rain boots (P) on

If the weekend weather cooperates, we will continue the celebration this weekend, on a boat on the canals.

1 comment:

thesmallviking said...

OMG has Peepers grown a foot?

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