Monday, May 13, 2013

Chez Gilles et Giselle

I have mentioned this before, but O's uncle and aunt (TonTon Gilles et Giselle) spend the warm months down in southern France (you may recall that the winter months are spent slopeside, in the Alpes).  It was such a treat to see their (other) gorgeous home.  Je l'adore!!!  This is where Amelie grew up (at least during the warm months).  They are such an inspiration to us.  They bust their tails, but they are living the beautiful life they want to live.  Amelie, who is now 20 (crazy) is happily following in her parents footsteps - a ski instructor all winter (just like her papa) and helping to run the family parasail business all summer.   More pix of the gorgeous town of Sanary will be posted soon.  Prepare yourself, it is unreal.  But for now...please admire this amazing little home.  

 Coolest stairs ever, right??

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