Friday, February 1, 2013

Final weeks

Mixed emotions fill our hearts as we savor our final weeks in Oregon. Our closest friends (who have become like family to us) whipped up a super fab send off fete last night. It was such a special evening, one we will never forget. Portland is our home sweet home. We will be back. While we are away, we'll carry your hearts in ours.

I'm hoping to get more pix soon. Included here are just a few from my phone. Yes, we wore wooden clogs.

As I write this we are up at the mountain. This will be our last slopeside weekend for awhile. As we carried sleeping babes to their bed from the car we both got a bit emotional. For the past 3 winters this has been our Friday night jam. We love it. We'll be back on this program in a few years, when we return home. Tonight though, as we carried the silent still babies up the ladder to the sleeping loft we moved extra slow, knowing that when we return they'll be so much bigger, maybe too big to carry up the ladder.

Our world is about to change. It's hard to feel ready, let alone excited, when our world is so good as is. We love you Oregon!

Hope to see some of you on the snow tomorrow!


Mary said...

Aw you actually made me tear up! So sweet. Good luck in your final preparations!

Amy Beth Kloner said...

I love that little nugget peeking through your legs! So sweet.
Great post, Sara. It is so hard to move on, as you have done such a great job of capturing the blessings in your daily life and recognizing how wonderful your life has been in Portland. No doubt new adventures, friendships, and wonderful memories await you as you take your family on this new chapter. I have enjoyed being along for the ride and look forward to hearing about your new life in Europe. One of my favorite quotes is "You'll never reach new oceans if you're afraid to lose sight of the shore." I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be an amazing new chapter in your family's life! Keep blogging, please! xo

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