Monday, July 9, 2012

Brutal Comments, Huh?

Did anyone else catch this ohdeedoh post about DIY Photo Wallpaper?

I thought it was a creative idea and I also thought the rest of the styling (head board, monograms) was very well done. I saw it on my phone and saved it so that I could come back and read about it after the kids went down - that is what I do with posts I like.

 I just got back to it, and cannot believe how hurtful the comments are. Wow. The www sure can be a brutal place. Keep it happy people. Constructive comments are cool, but keep perspective - go easy on this poor mama. 


amy said...

I love you... The comments on AT were beyond hurtful and it means so, so much to me that you are supportive.
Thank you again!

Mary said...

People can be so mean. It's so uncalled for - does it make them feel somehow better about themselves?

Anonymous said...

Well Written my friend! Keep it kind, keep it positive!!!!

Ashley said...

Looks like they took it down, it must have been bad. The absolute worst thing about writing for AT was the negative comments. Some people are just miserable.

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